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The following is a piece of digital art created by my 7-year-old niece, Hayley Elizabeth, whom I neglected to mention was a relation in my About page.  My most sincere apologies, Hayley.  And apologies too, to the website from which she took the original idea.  But it this not the age of digital inspiration?

The Naming of Cats is a Difficult Matter

The awesome thing about Hayley–or one of the awesome things. as there are so many–is that she possesses massive store of confidence.  She is enormously confident.  I love this.  When John and I were home for a few days, packing up our apartment and moving everything we couldn’t take to Alaska to my parents’ house, mom told me a story about Hayley and Camilla Parker Bowles.

It seems Hayley had acquired a Webkinz by the name of Camilla.  Normally Hayley renames the Webkinz, often gracing them with the original name as a middle name, but dubbing them something altogether new and original.  Hayley-style.  This time, however, she took a few moments to listen to my mom–her Nana–explain the story of Prince Charles’ new bride.  She paid utter attention. When my mother asked her, Did she know the Queen of England?  Hayley purportedly replied, You mean Elizabeth the Second?  And mom said Yes.

From there she went on to spin the gracelessly romantic tale of Charles and Camilla. Hayley followed from pre-Diana to post-Diana and upon conclusion of British morality tale, promptly declared the new Webkinz to be named Queenie.  Queenie Camilla.   When mom explained that Camilla would never become Queen, Hayley disregarded it, stating that her Webkinz could be called whatever she wanted.

And although my generation, and perhaps your generation too, admires Diana for her pluck and her individuality, I admire Hayley.  For she was not born when Diana emerged from the horse-drawn carriage on July 29, 1980-something.  And she was not there for the grief bestowed upon a palace the morning after a tragedy in Paris.  And to her, Camilla seems just as romantic a partner for Charles as Cinderella for Prince Charming.