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JJ's Shave Ice

We love the fact that we are Together.

It’s odd what one won’t do in one’s youth. For example, as a young child one thinks nothing of going everywhere with one’s parents, even to the point of car trips and rest stop bathrooms. But as a youth and particularly a young-adult youth, traveling sans parentals becomes more the norm and less acceptable among peers and social groups.
Then as life waxes its fuller sphere, family appears again and reveals its own light. No longer do the Christmases and Valentine’s Days and Holiday Rentals seem bogged down by Mom and Dad. Rather, they seem filled to the very capacity they were created for.
Recently I experienced the death of my grandfather, Kenneth L. Buller, youngest of 10, son of a Mennonite minister, friend to all, and outstanding man. His passing was quick, and I had no chance to return from Alaska for his last words or a last visit. Indeed, the written message I sent via email correspondence did not even make it in time, and I was able to share my love and sentiments along with my grief at the funeral.   I would like to harbor some guilt about not having been there but I don’t, or am unable.  I am confident enough in my love for him and in his strength as Christian to know that we were okay.  I miss him,and I love him, but life goes forward for those who are left. Of anyone in the family, it is he who would agree most readily to being there for those who need you now.