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I am Gabrielle. My husband is John, my sister Alexa, my four stepchildren Uriah, Caitlin, Claire-Elise and Brendan. I live in Alaska. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and my favorite film Casablanca. I would be a vegetarian but for bacon and I would go to great lengths to be Oxford-educated.

This blog is a bit of a whim. As you may read in one of my future posts, the title comes from the amalgamation of two ideas: whimsy and practicality. Though in this lineup whimsy comes last, in the form of a Valentine. Nigel, although senseless in some circles, in my mind has always conjured up images and memories of practicality, punctuality, and British goodwill. He suffices for the inverse of the Valentine, but also for its compliment. I write whimsically more than practically, which is why I am married to John. He is the more (much more, in many cases, much less in others) practical of the two of us and I expect him to pull his weight on this blog, as well as he does on the laundry, the dishes, and on the travel plans.

Do enjoy. Leave comments–nice is best, but curious is tolerated and cranky will be tossed on the compost.

Merci and bonjour,