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Well, it wasn’t exactly blind, but it wasn’t the all-informed scrutinizing search everyone expects of you when you make a multi-thousand dollar purchase.  Such as a house.  But my husband John and I don’t seem able to go about doing many things the normal way, the average way, or the altogether straightforward and easy way.  We make our own sweet way and take whatever time God wants us to allow, and the result is often quite lovely, despite the seemingly insurmountable hurdles, such as not actually working in the same state as the house you are about to buy.

But that doesn’t worry Puffy and Cookie.  Almangarde and Coriander seem to thrive on this sort of chaos–just as Martha Stewart (MartHasteWart) thrives on Making Simple Things Reasonably Complicated, we have found our Suitable Niche.

And that niche happens to be a sort-of acre of land with a cabin-y cottage upon it and a lifetime of projects besides.

Happy August 8th.