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Whilst browsing websites in search of a name for our new cottage, see photo, I came across the term pilcrow, or rather, the item pilcrow, for a pilcrow is a thing not an abstract.   In fact, it is a literary event in Tennessee, a blog post in three parts, and the potential future name of our abode north of Seattle.

Cottage from the Road

Should you be at all confused about this decidedly delicious bit of grammarian wit, a pilcrow is the backward P with which teachers mark your papers to indicate you changed the subject in your writing without alerting the reader by starting a new… paragraph.  The Wikipedia entry is quite enlightening, but I assure you, this post is better.  Much better.  But only if your eyes grow all blurry and your tummy flutters when you think of the origins of the English language.  So, the four of us who understand this feeling will enjoy reading about the origins of the humble pilcrow.