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I am sure that, should I want to, I could go back onto Netflix (it IS still called that, right?) and determine the day that my husband (I love him–I love you, John!) and I “discovered” Downton Abbey.

But what would be the joy in that?  Because, apparently, it existed before we discovered it (difficult to imagine, but we give it a marginal shot).  Seems that it was even in our “queue”, though who knows how it got there.  Mice?  Munchkins?  Pish.  Could even have been the Beeb.  But I digress.  No, Downton Abbey is now “our” little show and anyone who professes to have “known” about it before we got to it–I beg your pardon, but our world didn’t exist before then.

So, now you see my point, I’m wondering why it took us so long to stumble upon them, those Crawleys and Granthams (is that the way they spell those?  It’s just terribly difficult to determine from speech only, and often v. v. proper speech, at that), those below stairs and those beyond the walls of Downton.  Where the heck had we been?  I mean, we read the Internet, for goodness’ sake, and we peruse Facebook every so often.  We even sit down to respectable dinners with cloth napkins and no MSG and still!  Not a hint of it.  Nothing drove us in the direction of gorgeously talented Hugh Bonneville and wickedly snide Woman Who Plays O’Brien until lo!  In the midst of a lull in Pedro Bay activity (30 hours of silence, commence now), we threw caution to the wind and–tried Netflix!!

To understand the gravity of that statement, not to mention the fact our experiment worked (!!!) you must understand distance.  Pedro Bay is so remote that we don’t even have a store.  No paved roads, about a dozen total miles of those unpaved roads, more pieces of heavy machinery than actual cars, and more than not, no cell service.  It is an hour’s flight via small plane from Anchorage.  But we do have Internet!  Well, WE don’t, not exactly, but it does exist up  here and the one place we’re lucky it exists, is the library.  And the library is within sight of our house. And when the weather is particularly cooperative and the satellite link outage isn’t out, we can communicate with the outside world RIGHT FROM OUR LIVING ROOM!!


So all this talk about Season 2 and hype hype hype simply must stop.  John and I are just getting started and we don’t want any of you hoity-tots to spoil it for us.  We’ve got this Abbey thing perfectly under control and no question. Understand?

So.  Who’s recording all of these on DVR?