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Last year we went to Italy.  Our favorite city turned out to be…

Welcome to Spoleto!!

Most delightful Italian City you'll Never find in Rick Steves....

It had everything.  But unfortunately (or not?), it did not turn up in Rick Steves Italy.

Hm. No bother.  We managed quite fine without him.

John in the Golf.  Sweet. Go Volkswagen!!

Driving to Spoleto!!

Driving to Spoleto!!

Yes, the Autostrada, or whatever it is called, definitely called to John.

Outside the Cathedral.  Are they called that in Italy?

Look at me! There are flying nuns behind me! I heart Spoleto!

Me in front of the Santa Maria dell’Assunta.

I don’t think we actually called it that when we were there.

We simply referred to it as The Place with the Lippis.

The Lippis

What with all this glorious art....

All in a day's work

Is the camera on?

Naturally we were spellbound.

But that is not the whole story.

That one will take years to unwind, and when it is unwound, another decade to retell.

Buona notte!