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It’s snowing again/still and our power is out again/still, as is our phone and as is our Internet.  Darn snow.  But I suppose it does test the flexibility of one’s resourcefulness and gauge the tensile strength one’s goodwill.  It also gets rather dull just hanging around in good weather and fine form, so a little “potential state of emergency” is allowed, if not welcome.

In hopes of finding something open and a place where we could tap in to the www, we managed to mosey our way down Three Lakes Road and into town.  Noting the closed library we pressed onward to Downtown/First Street where the Snohomish Bakery, although technically CLOSED (according to their flipable sign) harkened us in for whatever they had, which happened to be coffee and cookies and Internet access.

So here we are, lodged in for a better portion of an hour and drumming up the steady business trickling by outside.  Seems even on closed days this place will do their best to serve its public.  When we arrived the owner informed us they were only really ‘open’ because of their commercial accounts and that the ladies upstairs were doing the books while they filled the orders.  It was a nice feel, coming into a closed bakery to be greeted with smiles and warmth of character.  I suppose that is essentially what brought us here to Snohomish; though we weren’t quite aware of it at the time, we were looking for something that felt like home.

As we drove (slowly, of course, but not too slowly; quickly enough to keep pace) down Three Lakes Road we noticed rather more than a few downed branches threatening potential damage to power lines and cable access.   Hm.  We’ll check progress on our way back up, full tank of gas and other provisions in our clutches.   Power outages don’t matter so much for heat at the cottage and we can always cook on the wood stove.   Resources: check.  Goodwill: check-check.

On another note…

What has kept us engaged and out of too much trouble at the cottage, however, has not been the intermittent power ‘on-ages’ but the wildlife.  On Tuesday we picked up a bag of bird seed and not a grain of it has been wasted.  From the strange chirruping growls coming from Casper’s throat to the numerous new species John has identified, we’ve been blessed, if not simply edified.  Photos forthcoming, as there is only so much one can accomplish while at the bakery.