In future posts I will attempt to explain why I entered this Distance Learning program, what took my search for a Masters into the land of Robin Hood, and why I want to blog about it.  For now though, Exercise 1.

I am tempted to post in its entirety the rather lame excuse for an Exercise 1 that I submitted to my tutor a couple of weeks back.  I am tempted NOT in light of the feedback it received nor for the glory of seeing my own name in print (bah) but to remind myself never to do that again: in short, to short-shrift myself by virtue of not fully realizing the scope of an assignment.  For this reason alone I mean to post it, but extremity, once having a hold on me, has since sauntered off to bluer pastures and has left me rum again.

The scope of the First Three Units of Module One, heretofore known as ATT, ‘Approaches to Text’, was the inability of written texts to transmit stable or reliable meaning.  I admit this is no small concept, and yet I also admit it took way too long to come up with even the pithy answer I submitted.  I confess, the instability was real, particularly as it applied to my paper.  While runes, performances and James Joyce promise to delight (?? do they not!!), I confess they left me quite on the merry-go-round, where I am still holding on to a carved wooden unicorn.

So, I look forward to Exercise 2 with all the energy and vigor of a child standing at the front of the line for a cone of cotton candy.

As we used to say in the dreaded and ridiculous English department meetings, this feels more like an autopsy than a regular check-up, but in good faith I hope that it services a future patient.  Such as myself.  So as I start this Notting-blog a month into my program, I realize I will not be able, let alone willing to write as often or as well as I should.  Or can.

But I will work with myself as best as I am able, to ‘pen’ a few lines and work out a few thoughts here on the…page if only to reconcile myself to my own work.  A written record can be not only helpful in posterity but also incriminating, ludicrous, and delightful.  I will attempt all of the above.

So on to bigger and better and less and more.  The overview of Units 1, 2, and 3 may have to wait until I have completed Units 4, 5, and 6 but they will show up one of these days, I am certain.  Until then, lead me on, Language, Literature and Literary Linguistics: Iconicity and Text is bound to enrapture me.