I find that as I read more and more about iconicity and text, the more I like and understand it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually get it quite yet, but I can see how I will understand it soon.  Unlike Unit 4, Creativity, Language, and Text, which focused mainly on dialogue and creativity therein, Unit 5, Language, Literature, and Literary Linguistics: Iconicity and Text actually stimulates something familiar in my brain and gets me going, rather.  I do find I like it the best, so far.

So as I was reading Michael Burke’s Iconicity and Literary Emotion (very interesting btw) I was struck with the thought to do a google search of iconicity in James Joyce’s Ulysses.  What came up was a smattering of banality and a single interesting hit, which I post here.


I’ve only yet read the abstract but I find I may be interested enough to at least begin the paper itself.