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I was reading the article entitled ‘Illuminated Printing’ by Joseph Viscomi, which is available online here (but which I downloaded and printed from Cambridge Companions for my U Nott course) when I realized I needed a visual.

I have always had a keen respect and a deep interest in printing, such as letterpress, typewriting, even calligraphy, often wondering why I did not pursue more of a degree or education in the classical forms of the letter arts.  I am still drawn to the craft of printing and harbor thoughts of a future in printing presses and a proper education to go with it.

Simply reading about William Blake’s absolute engraving genius was not enough, so I googled and found this video, entitled From Paper to Copper: The Engraver’s Process.  The main reason I post it here is so that I will be able to reference it again myself, without scouring the recesses of my brain to remember where it was and why I liked it.