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Today, for Shrove Tuesday, I post to the site a video that, in many ways, isn’t phenomenal.  It has had 107 views, and a dozen of those are likely the person or organization that uploaded it.  It has one ‘like’ (mine) and for some seemingly-insensitive reason, one ‘dislike’ (why does that option exist?).  It is a video I found through rather phenomenal circumstances, however, and that is what merits its presence here.

I found this piece after spending the weekend in Rochester, Minnesota, at the annual L’Abri conference, where I met a man named Joe Holbus who attends the church featured in the video.  He and I got to talking, as people do at conferences, and it turns out his church, Trinity Presbyterian, works closely with the Crow Creek Tribe and Reservation to restore and preserve their graveyard.  When I went searching for more information on the leader of this project, Wes Peterson, I found–as one must–there to be more to the story and a strong need for understanding and silence as we hear the stories another culture tells us about its own, precious humanity.

Should you decide to watch it, I recommend sticking to it through all 22 minutes, even though at times it is slow and even repetitive.  Good narrative repeats itself and is rarely–perhaps never–summed up quickly.  It is a Christian video, that is, it possesses and shares the message of Christ which is to Love one another.